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Concretia Rock Products Private Ltd
Who we are

Who We Are

Concretia Rock Products (P) Ltd. was born as Royale Blue Metals in 2001 in Madurai. The company manufactures crushed aggregates with its own quarry that it mines with state-of-the-art technology. From humble beginnings Concretia has grown leaps and bounds and today leads many others in productive use of available capacity. Thanks to its own leased quarries, fleet of trucks, 40-odd employees and a burning desire to succeed!

From the beginning, Concretia did not wish to be plain run of the mill and sell blue metal like a commodity as is the norm in this industry.

Thus was born its flagship brand, BLUMET!

BLUMET is not just a mere name to represent the product. It’s a reflection of the bundle of benefits that customers needed but never realized they did. In an industry notorious for not supplying the right size of blue metal nor the right quality and quantity, Concretia decided to stand tall and be different.

BLUMET’s brand promise and positioning is epitomized by its baseline that attempts to reassure the buyer and reinforce his purchase: ‘The quantity you want. The size you seek. The quality you wish for’.

Over the years, Concretia has painstakingly built a supply chain that can deliver what it promises. It has trained its employees – from chairman to the last quarry worker – what BLUMET will live and die for.

Our Vision

Core Values
  • Provide Quality – without compromises, come what may
  • Enable Delivery – as specified, as ordered, on time, & every time
  • Ensure Customers – are not just satisfied, but delighted
Core Purpose
  • To be the first choice and last word in concrete
  • To set standards for others to emulate and for us to exceed
  • To be a shining brand in an otherwise commodity industry

Our Value Proposition

  • Concretia helps build enduring structures of love, work, play and travel by maximizing the strength and durability of the Concrete used in the construction
  • Concretia guarantees ease of use by ensuring product standardization
  • Concretia simplifies the procurement process of the customers by timely delivery, effective follow-up and close monitoring
  • Concretia educates consumers about the product and helps them choose the right produce at the right size
  • Concretia endeavors to maximize the profitability of not just the stakeholders but also our customers
  • Concretia strives not just to satisfy the customers but to delight them at all times