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Concretia Rock Products Private Ltd
What We Do

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Role of Aggregates in the concrete

The Portland cement concrete is a simple material in appearance but has a very complex internal nature. The versatility durability, and economy of concrete have made it the world’s most used construction material.

Concrete is a mixture of three components: Portland cement, aggregates and water.

Portland cement and water forms a paste that hardens due to chemical reaction between cement and water. The paste acts as glue that binds the aggregates composed of sand and crushed stone into a solid rock-like mass.

The quality of the past and the aggregates dedicates the strength of the concrete.

Fine aggregate that is Sand (lesser than 4.5 mm size) and Coarse aggregate, which refers to the Crushed aggregate (greater than 4.5 mm size, makes up 70% - 80% of the total volume of the concrete. Therefore selection of the aggregate is most important. Aggregate must be of adequate strength, proper gradation and durable.

Concrete usually has good workability as long as concrete ingredients are used in proper propositions and an adequate aggregate gradation.

We serve the following set of customers

Direct Building Owners

Who purchase the aggregates for his building directly

Engineers and Contractors

Undertake the construction activities for contract and delivers the finished building to the owners


Whose raw material is aggregate and covert it into a different product


Who undertake big projects like apartments, villas, commercial complexes and big industries

E & C Corporates

Large corporates who undertake massive projects locally

Direct Trucks

Who have their own truck, take aggregate from the plant and deliver it to any of the above segment

Resellers – Bulk and Retail

  • Bulk Reselers – Takes order from all the above segments and place order to the aggregate plant
  • Retail Resellers – Those who buy aggregates in bulk quantity and sell them retail in small quantities