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Concretia Rock Products Private Ltd

Welcome to the world of Concretia!    Concrete solutions for your concrete needs!

Provide Quality

without compromises, come what may

Concretia offers aggregate which would be of the specific size, cubical in shape, consistency in quality and above all correct quantity.

Enable Delivery

as specified, as ordered, on time, & every time

Concretia has a wide network of logistics, valuying the customers need Concretia offers prompt delivery on time and every time.

Ensure Customers

are not just satisfied, but delighted

Concretia always strive not only to satisfy the customers but make them delightful

Tried & Tested

To fit for the audience and purpose

Concretia has a sophisticated lab so that every product is tested in the production process to offer the best.

Concretia's Advantages

Prompt delivery
Monitors the aggregate stock at your site
Quantity test report of the aggregates
Delivery tracking system through sms
Lab test report of the aggregates
Quick Express services